Wuv’s Hamburgers

Wuv’s Hamburgers

We wuv Wuv’s…and we’d love you to wuv Wuv’s with us!

A Fresh Idea in Fast Food

Get Fresh at Wuv’s

Any of those sound familiar to you? Well, if you were around from 1976 through 1981 then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll remember Wuv’s Hamburgers.

Wuv’s was founded by Jack Penrod (Nikki Beach) who got his start in the restaurant industry at McDonald’s in 1961. At the age 20 he was the Grill Man then worked his way up to Manager and eventually the largest franchisee of McDonald’s in South Florida, 16 total.

In early 1974 Jack was making plans for his own chain of Burger restaurants to be called Wuv’s. Then, in May of 1975 the McDonald’s corporation purchased all of Jack’s stores and a few days later Wuv’s Inc was incorporated in Florida.

Wuv’s was known for their fresh never frozen Burgers, toppings bar, fresh cut Fries, Chili, Biscuits and Wuv Juice (Passion Fruit based drink) amongst other things.

In this 1980 commercial they mentioned 20 South Florida locations:

Crawydaddyk on the Road Food website left a great comment about why he loved Wuv’s:

They had great from scratch onion rings;assume biscuits (one of the first fast food chains to offer biscuits with chicken most offered dinner rolls) there was one located close to popeyes fried chicken headquarters in jefferson parish louisiana. The popeyes execs would eat breakfast at wuv’s and got the idea for biscuits with chicken from them. the rest is history. Someone asked why the name Wuv’s. I was told that Jack Penrod the originator for the chain had bought a stuffed animal, while on a plane trip, for one of his kids and there was a tag that said I WUV YOU He liked that saying and decided to name his new chain WUVS. Their salad bar was assume And to correct another poster Wuv juice was not like OJ . It was made from ingredients flown in from Hawaii like passion fruit, mangos, guava etc. If anything it was a healthy version of Hawian Punch. There moto was “Fresh Never Frozen”. As you can tell I loved the chain. Also where I lived they were not purple and white buildings they were grey stucco and cedar wood on the outside and on the inside there were plants all around a ledge close to the ceiling i think there were a mixture of ivys and ferns plus the furniture was all wooden no plastic. also there breakfast was awsemoe nothing frozen everything made from scratch and they also used the biscuits cut in half to make strawberry shortcake with real made from scratch Whipped Cream. Also while you were in the queing line you could look into the room where they washed and cut their French Fries and where they cut and battered their onion rings. There was no doubt there stuff was “Fresh Never Frozen”

On December 23rd, 1981 the Associated Press ran a small story in the New York Times about the demise of Wuv’s entitled “Wuv’s Chain Files Under Chapter 11“. In it Jack Penrod said ‘We got ourselves in a hole, and we can’t get out of it”. They had lost 1 million dollars in revenue which had led to the dismissal of 30 of its 50 office employees. At the time of their closing there were 70 locations, 14 of which were in the Detroit area.

Jack Penrod & Robert Fitz

Jack Penrod & Robert Fitz, picture courtesy of the Cleveland Memory Project

Hialeah Grand Opening Ad

Hialeah Grand Opening Ad – Sat Feb 23rd, 1980

1981/1982 White Pages

1981/1982 White Pages, courtesy of Phillip Pesar

*Penrod v. Commissioner was used to obtain some of the information used for this post.

Part of the Burger Museum Collection:

Wuv’s Black & White Restaurant w/Logo Framed Picture

Wuv’s Wood Panel-style Restaurant Pictures

Wuv’s Postcard

Wuv’s Drinking Glass with wraparound Logo