Dinners at the Burger Museum

Our first Night at the Burger Museum Dinner will be Tuesday, December 4th and seating is at 7:00PM sharp.

Chef Phil Bryant (you may know him from his time at Yardbird, Swine, The Local) is creating a 4-course meal. The 5th course is dessert by Cindy Lou’s Cookies.

Each course will revisit dishes inspired by restaurants that are featured in the Burger Museum.

Each seat at a table will include the 5-course meal along with refreshments for $49 plus tax.

Course 1 is inspired by Burger King

*Course 2 is inspired by Wendy’s

*Course 3 is inspired by Kentucky Roast Beef

Course 4 is inspired by Bob’s Big Boy

Course 5 is inspired by McDonald’s

* denotes courses paired with MIA Beer.

All tables have 4 seats except for table 6 which has 6.

Tickets are sold individually which means you could end up at a table with some future friends of yours.

Table 1: SOLD OUT
Table 2: SOLD OUT
Table 3: SOLD OUT
Table 4: SOLD OUT
Table 5: SOLD OUT
Table 6: SOLD OUT
Table 7: SOLD OUT
Table 8: SOLD OUT
Table 9: SOLD OUT
Table 10: SOLD OUT

Please use this link to purchase your tickets:

Night at the Burger Museum Tickets

For your convenience below is the map of the Burger Museum along with where the tables are.

Burger Museum Map (click to enlarge)

*You must be at least 21 years of age to attend this event.