About It

After a friend of mine gave me a Burger Chef sign, I obsessively looked up stories online about the long gone burger chain. I had never eaten at one and unfortunately never would be able to. It was a sense of nostalgia for something that I missed out on that caused me to start a Burger Chef collection.

Then the burger chain collection bug bit me. After storing everything in my parent’s spare bedroom (my old bedroom as a matter of fact) for years I was forced to act when they needed the room back.

Initially, a portion of the collection was on display in my company’s offices but it quickly outgrew that space after 2 years.

The 2300 square foot Burger Museum by Burger Beast with Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop features over 3000 pieces of historical artifacts, collectibles & ephemera (paper items that were meant to be discarded like for example napkins or wrappers) and is located in Miami, Florida at Magic City Casino just 2 miles from the Miami International Airport.

Burger Beast